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Hair Services
We use  Redken professional haircolor that is versatile and can be customized 
Only a colorist can create an amazing color
with depth, dimension & shine.

Redken,Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, Perms,Woman's full one hair color (shoulder length) $55.00 
Full Head Foils (shoulder length)  $80.00 
 Foils Set of 10 (shoulder length)  $28.00 
Individual bright color strand    $5.00 
Partial Foils (shoulder length)  $65.00 
Longer than shoulder length add $ 20.00 
  additional color added $ 10.00 

Redken Hair Color, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, Perms

Retouch 1 color roots  $38.00  
Retouch color balance (to shoulder) add $10.00 
Men's hair color  $38.00 
Each added color $10.00 
Demi- color / shine enhancer  $20.00 
Above color services include wash and blow dry 
  you may add cut or hot tool style to any service 
Woman's Hair Cut, wash and blow dry $28.00 to $45.00 
Woman's clean hair dry trim cut $16.00 
Thick Hair thinning (shoulder length) add $10.00 
Children's Hair Cut (under 12) $ 14.00         
 Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Hair Feathers, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, PermsMen's Clippers /dry cut $ 16.00 
Men's Hair Cut, wash and blow dry $ 23.00 


Roller set $20.00 
French Braid $15.00 
Single Braid  $6.00  
Shampoo +condition + blowdry $12.00 
Hot tool curling add on $12.00 
Flat Iron Straightening add on $16.00 
Updo & Special Ocassion starts at $38.00 
Bridal start at $56.00 
Dry run starts at $25.00 


 Conventional Perm (no cut)  $55.00 
Spiral Perm (no cut)  $85.00 

Swimmers Hair Treatment  $20.00 
Hard Water Hair Treatment $20.00 

Hair Repair, Redken Chemistry, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Brazilian Blowout, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, PermsCustomized REPAIR treatment starts at   $ 24.00 
 An intense in-salon treatment that can help repair distressed hair and make it soft again.
  Deep Conditioning Treatment starts at $ 24.00 

Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Brazilian Blowout, Hair straightening, hair smoothing, hair chemical treatment, BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT
Frizz Removal 
Full Treatment starts $ 200.00 
for shoulder length
 (price is based on hair length)
Consultation is required 

For treatment description click on the image 

 Add some color without coloring your hair

Human Hair Extensions, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, PermsHuman Hair Clip extensions +place & shape $13.00 
Human Hair extension by the strand $5.00 
Professional Extension placement each $3.00 
 Installation cost  varies based on number of extensions 
Extension removal each $1.25 
Extension removal & reposition  $3.50 

100% Human Hair db Milan Extensions
We use only Remy Hair as
it undergoes an unusual but extremely effective treatment method in preparation before it is ready to be use.
We use pre-tipped I-Link PRO™ extensions requiring no heat, glue, or chemicals which it also means no damage to the hair. 
I-Link PRO™ hair extensions are designed for trained professional stylists.

  • Shampoo hair in a gentle manner, following the direction of hair flow.
  • Condition hair from just below the tip of the extension to the ends.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair starting at the tips working your way up to the scalp.
  • Dry hair 80% to 90% before using an extension brush.
  • When using hot appliances, keep away from the bonded tip of the extension.
  • Run fingers through hair daily making sure the bonds stay separated.
  • Try avoiding salt water as this may cause the bonds to break down.
  • Never go to bed with wet hair
  • Always make sure your hair is dry and tied back in a loose pony tail before going to sleep.