We are here to help you create new looks with the latest trends,THEREFORE we bring to you high quality
100% natural feathers.

Hair feather extension, Original feathers, Fine featherheads, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, Perms, Hair Salon, BeautyFEATHERS 
Classic Featherhead each (4 pre-bundle)  $34.00 

WISPER individual Feather (2 to 6 inches) $ 10.00 
(7 to 12 inches long)  add $ 2.00 

Each feather installation  $3.00 
50% off installation when add on to other hair service 

Hair feather extension, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, fine featherheads, Hair cut, Hair Stylig, Redken, Hair Color, Highlights, Perms

Classic Fine Featherhead
  • Organic and pure
  • The Original Featherheads consist of a complementary blend of four natural feathers bonded at the tip.
  • 10 - 12 inch length
  • There are four feathers in each Featherhead. Colors will vary

Wisper & Accent Feather
A Wisper makes a small, subtle statement as it is one thin individual feather.  Accents are a little wider.

  • Wispers & accents are not pre-bonded  
  • 100% natural, high quality
  • Individual feathers length ranges from:
 2 to 6 inches (short)
 7 to 12 (Long)
Color availability is limited

FAQ about feathers
  • Q: What kinds of feathers are they?
A: Selectively bread Rooster feathers from Whiting Farms.
  • Q: How are the feathers cleaned?
A: The feathers are washed with a 100% biodegradable, inert detergent.
  • Q: What kind of dye is used for the feathers?
A: The feathers are dyed with an organic, mineral-based dye. Because these dyes are all natural, they may fade over time and will very occasionally bleed onto lighter feathers in the Featherheads.
  • Q: Is there special care required?
A: You can wash, brush, blow dry, straighten and curl (up to 450°) just as you would with your hair. Just be gentle when brushing at the root! Please Note: It is important that you educate your clients that once the feathers are installed they are their responsibility. The feathers may break, just like real hair, if not treated with care.
  • Q: Can hair be colored with Featherheads in?
A: When coloring hair there are two options: Featherheads can easily be removed and reinstalled after coloring, or they can be foiled to prevent the color dye from affecting them.

For any other questions please consult with our stylist.